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Sarah has taught at various institutions such as Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway, Emerson CollegeBroadway Dance Center Children and Teens Program, The Broadway Star Project, and more. She is also known for developing her popular on-camera class called Camera Theater Jazz. Throughout the course of her training, Sarah has had the privilege of assisting many well-known dance educators and choreographers such as Marguerite Derricks, Lizz Picini, Richard J. Hinds, Marjorie Failoni, and Rachel Leigh Dolan in various capacities. These opportunities, combined with her experience as a consistently working and actively auditioning performer herself, give her a well-rounded perspective and valuable insight as a teacher. Sarah is passionate about helping her students develop the knowledge and confidence it takes to successfully navigate this industry. Her hope is to create a positive, professional, and safe environment for her students to work towards their goals. Along with her BS in Dance, Sarah also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Skidmore College and has completed the Mental Wellness Dance Educator Level 1 Certification from Danscend. Mindset and mental well-being for dancers is a priority for her and she loves to incorporate her education in this area into her teaching. Sarah is a member of the National Dance Education Organization.

Sarah is available for theatre jazz choreography, classes, workshops, and private lessons, both virtual and in-person.


Click here to schedule virtual privates or coaching sessions.


"Nothing could possibly express how amazing this class is. The vibe, the energy, the people, the choreo, just all of it exceeds any and all expectations! This class changed the game for me. My dance reel has gotten me direct booked, thanks to the footage I've received from the CTJ classes I've been to. GET IN SARAH'S CLASS. She is THE MOMENT. Everything I've learned from her I'll take with me to my first professional contract and I wouldn't be here if it weren't for her time and dedication to making this class have such a lasting impact."

- Camera Theater Jazz student

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